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After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York with a cartooning degree, I was invited to join ACT-I-VATE, despite the lack of any published works or what you see here is pretty much all you\'ll be able to find of my work.

That\'s about it for me...

Except for of course, I also totally fight dinosaurs and wizards on a daily basis, cause I\'m just that awesome.

Also, I\'m part robot.

...from space.

2013 EDIT!
*Now drawing from Brazil :C
*Published works:
I\'m a part of the \"ACTIVATE Primer\" published by IDW and \"Savage Dragon Twisted Funnies\" published by Image.
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A rabbit leaves the safety of his candyland home and ventures to a dark mega city overrun with violence and crime in order to save his best friend.

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A seemingly derranged space Captain. Space babies. A mysterious mission. Time runs short, the captain stops for no one.

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