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Born and raised in Germany, Thomas Baehr currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife. Working in advertising and social management, he has also become a published comic artist, illustrator and cartoonist who’s work has appeared in both Europe and the US. In addition to art Thomas has created his own Punk Rock with various bands, but most recently with his solo project “deus le volt!”.

“The End is Here” is Thomas’ first graphic novel and is based on his comic strip “Pole”, which he created in 2005 and published regularly since in various magazines.

"The End is Here" is now available as a tradeback.
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“I’m not out to save the world. It’s already too late.”

Peter Caine

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A fable.

A 2-pages short story I did in 1994 (!!) together with writer and filmmaker Thorsten Nesch (

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I created the strip “POLE” in 2005. It was first published in the same year by the New York Press.

Since then, the penguins were published in newspapers, magazines, books, and the Internet in the USA and in Europe.

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