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07:03pm / Sep 19, 2012
ACT-I-VATE creators Thomas Baehr and Shannon Wheeler together with other \"New Yorker\"- and syndicated cartoonists like Chuck Majewski, Amy Hwang, Hillary Price or Rick Stromoski will participate in \"First Contact, UFO’s, Aliens and Broadway\". The Gallery New World Stages in NYC will show the exhibit from September 7 to January 6.

A receiption will be held on September 21. New York City-based singer-songwriter Andrea Daly will perform at the receiption.

Please come by and say Hi.
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04:33pm / Apr 25, 2012
My new website Comic Strip Tees launches today with cartoonists Mike Allred, Pat Barrett, and (fellow AIVers) Simon Fraser and Roger Langridge.

Comic Strip Tees is a new website that features a different comic every day and allows you to purchase limited edition t-shirts with that comic printed on it. Cartoonists receive $2 for every shirt sold.

Support the cartoonist community. Discover new artists. Wear awesome t-shirts.
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08:15pm / Apr 24, 2012
The MoCCA Fest 2012 in NYC is coming up April 28 & 29th. Like in many years before, I am excited to have a table and present my work. I will have the new book Make Guano Not War, greeting cards and originals for sale. - I hope to see you there!!!

MoCCA Fest is held in Manhattan at:

The 69th Regiment Armory
68 Lexington Avenue
between E 25th & E 26th st.
New York, NY 10010-1830

Saturday April 28th 11 AM to 6 PM
Sunday April 29th 11 AM to 6 PM

You will find me at table K16 1/2A, that will be at the south side of the Armory.
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08:29am / Mar 26, 2012
Lauren Davis does a well-written recap and review of S&L over at io9. Check it out!
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05:28pm / Feb 20, 2012
ACTIVATEcomix Celebrates 6th Anniversary with 2012 Wave of New Comix + Return of Old Favorites

To celebrate its 6th Anniversary as the premiere webcomix collective / creator-owned FREE webcomix anthology, ACTIVATEcomix announces 2012 Wave 1 featuring the return of favorites like VULCAN & VISHNU by Leland Purvis as well as the ACTIVATEcomix debut of creators such as Igor Kordey with his original series THE TEXAS KID.
For six years, ACTIVATEcomix has featured original, serialized graphic novels, updated daily. ACTIVATEcomix selects artists to produce their signature work without editorial oversight and offer their personal comix for free to an ever-growing audience of loyal readers. ACTIVATEcomix is also known for having lifted the veil between creation, creator, and reader by providing a forum for spirited dialogue between audience and auteur.

ACTIVATEcomix 2012 Wave 1 Schedule:

Monday 20th February

PREGNANT BUTCH by A.K. Summers, continues it\'s true life exploration of love, life and pregnancy from the P.O.V. of a butch lesbian. A.K. is a new, fascinating voice and her work is both witty and wise.

SAM & LILAH by Jim Dougan & Hyeondo Park picks up its fractured love fable after a year\'s hiatus, with Chapter 4. This is probably the most beautiful comic on the web, no kidding.

VULCAN & VISHNU by Leland Purvis. The travels and travails of two honest workmen making their way around obstacles and through calamities on their way to fortune and glory. Purvis creates the purest form of comics you will ever see. For years we used Vulcan & Vishnu as our example of everything we wanted to achieve with ACTIVATEcomix.

Tuesday 21st February

THE CARTOON BOY ADVENTURE HOUR by John Kerschbaum. A gleeful, freewheeling, absurdist romp. Kerschbaum is a terrifying, implacable, force of funny!

Wednesday 22nd February

THE FIST by Darryl Cunningham. A satire of extreme right wing superheroics. New work from Darryl is always a reason to celebrate, especially as he is very much in demand at the moment. His follow up to PSYCHIATRIC TALES entitled SCIENCE TALES, LIES HOAXES & SCAMS is available from Myriad Editions this summer. His UNCLE BOB book will also be out this summer. Frankly, we\'re happy he had the time.

THURSDAY 23rd February

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED by Dov Torbin continues. A frank, smart and self aware piece of comics reportage from the heart of the \"Arab Spring\" of 2011.

Friday 24th February

THE GOLEM\'S VOICE by David Klein . A powerful childhood fable set during the Nazi occupation of Poland by highly respected Wall Street Journal and New York Times illustrator David Klein. Oh, and he also used to draw Batman. David is new to ACTIVATEcomix and we are thrilled that he brought this story to us.

THE TEXAS KID by Igor Kordey. A new, original and personal work from the prodigious and prolific Igor Kordey . This is the first webcomic from the Croatian artist who has drawn such diverse comics as the X-MEN, SCALPED and the award winning SMOKE (with Alex DeCampi). This story will be simultaneously told in three languages (English, French & Croatian) which is a new thing for ACTIVATEcomix, but something that we plan to do a lot more of in the coming years as we take advantage of the international platform the web provides.

The ACTIVATEcomix collective was founded in 2006 by Dean Haspiel as a curated community for comics storytelling on the world wide web. ACTIVATEcomix is a venue for established creators to experiment and make their own signature works, but is also a supportive environment for emerging talent- somewhere between a storytelling laboratory and the Sunday funnies. Since then ACTIVATEcomix has grown into a community of over 50 comics creators who have created thousands of pages of original creator-owned comics, and have been nominated for dozens of industry awards (including the Eisner, Harvey, Ignatz and Xeric Awards). In 2009 ACTIVATEcomix and IDW Publishing launched THE ACTIVATE PRIMER, which was featured in The New York Times’ 2009 Holiday Gift Guide, and was picked by legendary independent bookseller Politics and Prose among its “Favorite Graphic Literature of the Year” for 2009. In his foreword to THE PRIMER, critically-acclaimed writer Warren Ellis puts it simply: \"ACTIVATE makes comics better.\"

We hope you\'ll agree. Thank you for your attention.
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04:32pm / Feb 20, 2012
Hello, gentle readers!

This is Jim Dougan (the writer) and Hyeondo Park (the artist), and we’re delighted to be bringing you a whole new chapter of SAM & LILAH, starting today! If you’ve been reading S&L up until now, all we can say is THANK YOU for your support, and especially for your patience as we worked up the new material you’ll see in Chapter 4. We hope you’ll enjoy it, and find that it was worth your wait.

If you’re a new reader, and were brought here by all the other great stuff you’ve been reading at ACTIVATEcomix, welcome aboard. SAM & LILAH is romantic modern-day mythology, the story of what happens when a budding relationship between two young lovers is imperiled by a gypsy curse. In SAM & LILAH, slice-of-life meets the supernatural!

Whether you’re coming to us for the first time, or just need a refresher, you can catch up on the previous adventures of SAM & LILAH by following these links:

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:

We\'ll be back with more EVERY MONDAY for the next couple of months, so settle in and enjoy the ride! And if you\'d like to keep in touch, you can:

\"Like\" us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter: @samandlilah
Follow us on Tumblr:
Or just email us! samnlilah AT gmail DOT com

Many thanks,
Jim & Hyeondo
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06:33pm / Feb 6, 2012

The Cartoonist Studio Cartoon Contest 2012
I participate with my strip POLE in this years Cartoon Contest of The Cartoonist Studio. The winner will get to run their comic on the website. Yes, I’m aware of Scott Kurtz’ and Brad Guigar’s opinion about this contest. But I took part in the contest anyway. Hey, you never know, right!?!

I hope you will find one minute to support me and vote for POLE.

I am Contestant 184 and voting started February 6th 2012. Everybody is allowed to vote, but there will also be a jury. To vote please go to or click the link below. Unfortunately, you have first to sign in and become a Cartoonist Studio member. But it is free and easy to do, and you’re aloud to vote every six hours. To find the right strip, just type POLE into the search bar.

The contest will be a 10 week marathon where you will get a different POLE strip every week – as long as I will receive enough votes to move on to the next round. Thank you so much. Your vote/s is/are highly appreciated!!!

The Cartoonist Studio Cartoon Contest 2012
POLE The Comic Strip with Penguins
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12:25pm / Dec 6, 2011
ACT-I-VATE'rs, and some extended family, weigh in with their Top 5 favorite COMIX and Top 5 favorite ANYTHING ELSE that were either new to all of us in 2011, or just new to them. Happy Holidays!



( w/a Billy Dogma )

I can never do these Top 5 Lists justice. So, rather than go insane rifling through my shelves, boxes, and towering stacks of stuff that would make a seasoned hoarder cringe, I decided to restrict myself to knee-jerk reacting my Top 5 favorite comics and non-comics in 5-minutes. Any one of these items either made me laugh, cry, stopped my heart, made me jealous, made me think different, or just gave me the steam to get through the next page on my art table:


SCALPED by Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera [Vertigo]

DAREDEVIL by Mark Waid, Marcos Martin, and Paolo Rivera [Marvel]

GODZILLA: Gangsters and Goliaths by John Layman and Alberto Ponticelli [IDW]

PLANET OF THE APES by Daryl Gregory and Carlos Magno [Boom!]

ZEGAS #1 by Michel Fiffe [Copra Press]


RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, directed by Rupert Wyatt

PARIAH by Bob Fingerman

WTF Podcast by Marc Maron

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL [The Compete First and Second seasons], created by Rob Corddry

TKOL RMX 1234567 by Radiohead


( w/a Vulcan & Vishnu )


1 SALVATORE, VOLS. 1&2. New Nicolas de Crecy (in English!) from NBM.

2 BLUE ESTATE, Victor Kalvachev, art by Nathan Fox, Toby Cypress and others.

3 PETROGRAD, artist Tyler Crook. A really phenomenal debut.

4 VIETNAMERICA, GB Tran's family memoir about coming to the U.S.



1 THE NATIONAL (band) I'm late to the party, but my favorite music

this year (with the possible exception of the new Tom Waits album.)

2 SURFACE DETAIL, Iain M. Banks. Another 'Culture' novel. He can't

write enough to suit me.

3 LIE TO ME (TV) Tim Roth as a deception expert. Great fun.


real monograph of this guy's work.

5 BLUE COLLAR/ WHITE COLLAR, artbook by Sterling Hundley. If you're at

all interested in modern illustration, you should give Hundley a look.

And this book is the best way to do it, beautifully designed by Chris



( w/a The Revolution Will Be Televised )


1) HABIBI by Craig Thompson

This book firmly places Mr. Thompson as the top cartoonist in America. As far as pure cartooning skill goes, no one can touch him right now.

2) SNARKED by Roger Langridge

It's always nice to see a comic done by somebody who's perfected the language. A very charming comic that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

3) NEDROID by Anthony Clark

My favorite web comic. Funny without being profane (a rarity these days).

4) CHESTER 5000 by Jess Fink

The best sex comic I've ever seen. Although repetitive, it blew me away the first time I saw it.


An ACT-I-VATE comic for good measure. Pure fun and Kerschbaum's colors are great.



This season came to a great climax full of explosions, betrayal, twists, and half-melted faces.

2) GOTYE "Somebody That I Used To Know"

Been listening to this song a lot these past few weeks.


Great voice. She's like the new Annie Lennox. I like her a lot more than that Adele lady.


I never in my life thought I would get excited about hockey...but I did.


Although the future is uncertain, I believe all the recent revolutions in the Middle East and Occupy Wallstreet movements in America will create a brighter tomorrow. As an artist, it's always exciting to see people fight for what they believe in and speak out about how they feel.


( w/a Zegas )



2) DAREDEVIL 4 & 5





[See above, I know nothing else about the world around me. What's an "Occupy" anyway?]


( )


1. LOVE & ROCKETS NEW STORIES No.4 - Jaime Hernandez's The Love Bunglers, part 2 (Fantagraphics). Sublime work and my outright favorite strip of the year.

2. THE ADVENTURES OF HERGÉ - Bocquet, Fromental & Stanislas (D&Q). Ligne-claire bio of Tintin's creator. I'm a sucker for this sort of thing, expecially if it's so lovingly done.

3. EVERYTHING WE MISS - Luke Pearson (NoBrow). Short, sensitive tale of love and reality gone awry, beautifully presented and printed by the ever-reliable aesthetes at NoBrow Press.

4. LEWIS & CLARK - Nick Bertozzi (First Second). How to make history grab you and take you on a journey. Fluid, easy and utterly engaging, Bertozzi's up there, this country's Joann Sfar.

5. PINNOCHIO - Winshluss (Knockabout/Last Gasp) Hilariously pessimistic and scratchy retelling of Carlo Colludi's classic fairy tale. Essential.


1. KATE BUSH - 50 Words For Snow

2. BRIAN ENO, just for being Brian Eno



5. DEREK JACOBI as King Lear at BAM


( w/a Underwire )


#1--HABIBI. By Craig Thompson. This book is unbelievable. If you had to give someone a book to show them what a graphic novel can be, this is the book to give them. It is about the origin of language, art, stories, people, and how they are all intertwined from the start.

#2--THE INFLUENCING MACHINE. By Brook Gladstone and Josh Neufeld. Fantastic exploration of the development of news media throughout history, forcing us to think about what we should expect from our web-scrambled media now. I gave this to my eighteen-year-old to read, because I think he's the next Jon Stewart, and this book will give him a leg-up. Neufeld's art makes Gladstone's points really hit home.

#3--EVERYTHING IS ITS OWN REWARD. By Paul Madonna. I can't believe I never discovered this guy until now. This is not sequential art, so not strictly speaking a comic, but it is a lovely, original combination of text and art. It's a collection of Madonna's "All Over Coffee" strip in The San Francisco Chronicle. Each image is a gorgeous sketch of some corner of San Francisco, with a hand-written text, just a fragment, usually fiction, layered on top. Not people, but people-residue, amazing.

#4--MID-LIFE. By Joe Ollmann. So. Damn. Funny. This is a graphic novel about a forty-something guy, father of grown kids, remarried with baby, parenting, fantasizing, and generally being a sweet, bewildered douche-bag. I just loved this book.

#5--EYE OF THE MAJESTIC CREATURE. By Leslie Stein. I also just discovered Leslie's work, and I think it's so great. It's about her days as a twenty-something, working, wondering, spending time with her guitar who drinks too much. She has such a light, funny touch, and has such a great sense of what it is to be alive--and the art is really wonderful.


#1--Cynthia von Buhler's SPEAKEASY DOLLHOUSE

#2--My new niece LUCY

#3--HIGHLANDER'S FAREWELL, album by Natalie Haas and Alasdair Fraser - some great Irish fiddling, paired with cello.

#4--Joan Didion's book "BLUE NIGHTS" - this chick isn't afraid to look pain in the face.

#5--ACUPUNCTURE--not, strictly speaking, from 2011, but that's when I discovered it, and the shit WORKS, man. It WORKS.


( w/a Gang of Fools )


1) Really digging Remender, Opena and White on UNCANNY X-FORCE. Gorgeous art with a story I can't make heads or tails of, and somehow don't care.

2) It didn't come out in 2011, and it's been cancelled, but I just read Langridge and Samnee's THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER and it was a lot of fun and really well done.

3) BUTCHER BAKER. I hope I get to see more of what Mike Huddleston was doing here, in more places.

4) Gabby Shulz's webcomic SICK.

5) Page 113 of HOLY TERROR. (Frank Miller)


1) Music: SIR LUCIOUS LEFT FOOT: THE SON OF CHICO DUSTY. When I realized I'd just heard the last song and the album was over, I got a little sad.

2) Politician: HERMAN CAIN. Because otherwise I wouldn't even be paying attention.

3) TV: LOUIE. It’s funny because it’s true.


Grieving Batman and a villain who spends eternity watching everyone on Earth die. Also, Clark Kent as Mad Max. Just barely squeaks by that season's episodes 9 and 10, HEARTS AND MINDS, where the villain is an Insane Space Baptist.

5) Podcast: WALKING THE ROOM. Because they give me something horrible and sad to rise above.


( w/a The End Is Here )


1. NORDGUARD, BOOK 1: Across Thin Ice by Tess Garman and Teagan Gavet (same style as Blacksad, the artist is almost at the same level, but a total different kind of story and genre)

2. BOUMERIES VOL.1 by Boum (just awesomely funny!)

3. LADY S. #3: Game of Fools by Philippe Aymond and Jean Van Hamme (there is nothing that does not suck you in what is written by Van Hamme)

4. UNDERWIRE: by Jennifer Hayden (the goddess of almost everything)

5. CAFFEINATED TOOTHPASTE VOL.1: The Good and the Bad by Josh Bauman (also awesomely funny)


- EINSTĂśRZENDE NEUBAUTEN: ALLES WIEDER OFFEN (the latest of this German band, okay not from 2011, but who cares when you get songs like "suseJ"?)

- OFFICE OF FUTURE PLANS: same (J.Robbins new band!!!!)

- GAIL COLLINS at the NYTimes Op Ed

- HOT - LIVING THROUGH THE NEXT FIFTY YEARS ON EARTH: by Mark Hertsgaard (way more people should have read that)

- THIS IS ENGLAND! (British movie, not from 2011, but I finally had the chance to see it this year - and it is THAT good, mate.)


( w/a Farseeker )



While HELLBOY is clearly Mike Mignola’s better known creation, more and more readers are coming to discover that – while the former is a great character and offers scads of great comics in his own right – B.P.R.D. is where the action is in regards to the Apocalyptic threat Mignola and company have been building towards for years. Highlighted largely by the amazing artwork of Guy Davis (although that torch has now been passed), B.P.R.D. is a no-holds-barred action comic with a dynamic and monstrous (yet very humane) cast where the only constant is change as the Doomsday clock is now mere minutes away from hitting midnight.


Despite (or perhaps because of) my lack of emotional investment in most corporately-owned superhero comics, I’ve been a big proponent of DC’s “New 52” from the beginning. The only downside, in my eyes, was the change in format of Palmiotti and Grey’s JONAH HEX. Formerly a series of “done-in-one” stories with each issue illustrated by a different artist, the series has now changed to ALL-STAR WESTERN and features a consistent (albeit very good) art team and longer-term story-arcs. I, too, was came late to the party concerning JONAH HEX due to my inability to believe the hype of everyone else who read the series, but when I finally gave the series a shot I discovered one of the most invigorating and original comics in the pre-“New 52” DC line-up. With the release of “Bury Me in Hell” this month the whole run is now available in TPB form. Start anywhere and discover what prove in the long run to be the most underrated comics of not only last year, but the last decade.


As a huge fan of both Alan Moore and H.P. Lovecraft, I thoroughly enjoyed the TPB adaption of his prose short story “The Courtyard” (illustrated by Jacen Burrows) by Avatar from several years back and was thrilled to hear that his last non-LoEG-related comic work would be a sequel to this work. Moore himself described the series as being especially dark… but even his repeated warnings did not brace me for the truly horrific nature of this series. By portraying physical and sexual acts of deprivation without ever glorifying them combined with creating a masterful tone of suspense and dread by using great pacing, in NEONOMICON Moore produced one of the most genuinely frightening horror comics in recent memory. While this series (now released in a TPB-collection that also includes the previously released two-parter THE COURTYARD) certainly won’t be for everyone, any fans of horror – especially of the Lovecraftian variety – would do very well in checking it out.


Given that I already included JONAH HEX on the list a moment ago, I was hesitant to include a second western-ish title (let alone a second Western-title from DC Comics) in my Top Five… but then I remembered that SCALPED is much more “noir” than “Western” and that, quite frankly, it deserves to be here. A modern noir masterpiece, to say this book is dark is akin to saying the sun is hot or the ocean is deep. In SCALPED (which focuses mainly on a troubled Native American returning to his reservation as a double-agent for the FBI with the task of bringing down a fellow tribe member who has grown to become a corrupt casino owner/crime Kingpin) Jason Aaron and company are unrelenting in both the depths to which they will punish the books large and tragic cast as well as the whiplash inducing twists and turns that reveal themselves as the series continues to barrel along at a breakneck pace. This book is the spiritual successor to PREACHER that fans around the world have been waiting for.


I don’t think there was a more satisfying, enjoyable, or downright riveting story-arc in all of 2011 than the “Emperor Dragon” storyline in SAVAGE DRAGON. When Dragon’s original personality of a wicked alien warlord is awakened within him, what transpires is a harrowing and violent series of events in which Dragon, now identifying himself as “Emperor Kurr” (his real identity before being left on Earth in a burning field two decades ago), sets out to claim the Earth as his own, viciously wiping-out anyone is his was with intelligent, laser-like precision. There’s been a lot of series over the years in which the hero temporarily becomes the villain, but in 2011’s biggest story-arc, it is revealed that Dragon really is (or at least was) a villain, and the result is a rampage through the title that results in one of the most dramatic upheavals in the status quo of any comic of the last year. Lives are lost, worlds are destroyed (both metaphorically and literally) and 20-year-old Easter Eggs finally hatch, resulting in the most exciting and unpredictable (and perhaps a bit under-appreciated) superhero comic currently on the shelves of 2011 being Erik Larsen’s SAVAGE DRAGON. Even someone who has never read the title before could pick-up the “Emperor Dragon” collection and find themselves drawn into a the dynamic and engrossing struggles put before the cast of this modern action-adventure gem that fully embraces all the best qualities – and potential – of a superhero comic where the only constant is real, uncompromising change.



Also graciously billed and authorized as TRANSMETROPOLITAN: VOLUME 11 by DC Comics, this charity artbook (spearheaded by Susan Augér to raise money for ACTOR and The HERO Initiative) and fully supported by original TRANSMETROPOLITAN creators Warren Ellis and Darrick Robertson features hundreds of pages of pin-ups, short stories, photos and more all set in the world of TRANSMETROPOLITAN. An oversized hardcover (some of which even came in a slipcase), TRANSMETROPOLITAN: ALL AROUND THE WORLD was not only one of the biggest “feel-good” released of 2011, but also one of the most must-have ones to boot. A success on every level, anyone lucky enough to have a copy can tell you it is a procession to be cherished.


There have been several books – especially in the last few years – that have discussed the work of Alan Moore, but none are as ambitious, detailed and ultimately rewarding as ALAN MOORE: STORYTELLER by Gary Spencer Millidge. A chronological work of his life and work broken into detailed yet bite-sized bits – all with the support and cooperation of Moore to boot – this hefty tome will most likely prove to be the most definitive book of its kind on the subject of Moore… and it also includes a CD packed with over a dozen songs/performance pieces written, recorded and/or performed by Moore to boot, making it a winning package from cover to cover for anyone who is engrossed with the man and/or his work.


The rise of mainstream attention and adoration for this remarkable singer in 2011 is, if not overdue, at least definitely appropriate, and while at this point almost anyone with a radio has most likely been deluged with the one-two-three punch of “Rolling in the Deep,” “Someone Like You” and “Set Fire to the Rain,” really, there’s not a single dud among the whole collection of songs that comprises “21,” meaning the five or six of you out there who – for whatever reason – haven’t yet succumbed to purchasing the album are really not hurting anyone but yourselves… and why would you ever want to do that?


I hate it when people put “ties” in Top Five/Top Ten lists… but, really, there’s no way around it here.

Admittedly (and obviously) I’m late to the game on FRINGE, having only just discovered and finished the first season at the tail end of this year… but, damn, what a show. While I could not bring myself to slog through LOST, finally giving-up on the series mid-way through the second season, FRINGE seems not only to have learned from some of the missteps of the former, but also its successes (as well as the successes of THE X-FILES, a show that was clearly the forerunner to both shows). Starting almost obstinately as a “science fiction mishap of the week” series, throughout the first season FRINGE slowly but steadily revealed a “big picture” concept that has limitless possibilities of awe-inspiring potential. Despite the fact that I can’t help but feel that Warren Ellis deserves some sort of official recognition in the credits for the premise of the show (which, in my eyes, derives – at least – a lot of inspiration from his collected woks), FRINGE – in its first season alone – has become the most exciting and exhilarating shows on TV (tied with THE WALKING DEAD).

In regards to THE WALKING DEAD television series, I see a lot of people online panning the first half of the second series, tagging it as a “boring” series that only got exciting in the closing moments of the last episode. This disheartens me greatly, since it seems to ignore the fact that this first half of the season has done such a phenomenal job building-up an emotional investment in all the characters, none of whom at this point could be considered by even the most jaded viewer as “zombie bait.” Like FRINGE, THE WALKING DEAD has taken an extended amount of time to get us to invest in the characters, and that makes their struggles all the more engaging and discussion worthy to mainstream viewers across the would – something fairly remarkable for a set of shows that are unabashedly science fiction and horror, respectively.


The Muppets have returned to the big screen – and the mainstream – with one of the most heartwarming, hilarious and human films of the year. If you don’t know or understand what’s so great about this, go watch the movie, because I refuse to believe that anything other than a lack of seeing the film could lead to this same conclusion.


(Writer, SAM & LILAH )

Top 5 Comics/Graphic Novels for 2011 (not in order)

VIETNAMERICA by GB Tran. Complex, ambitious telling of Tran’s family history and their journey from war-torn Vietnam to America (hence the title). Tran makes fine use of the unique storytelling potential of the comics medium without descending into trickery or losing sight of the very real people at the heart of the story. There needs to be more graphic novels like this. Many, many more.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON by Roger Langridge. For longtime fans of Roger Langridge, Christmas came in September when this book was released. There is more pure cartooning mastery – and laughs - on every page of this book than in most cartoonists’ careers. And there are 200 pages.

ZEGAS #1 by Michel Fiffe. It would be easy to say that this book is Fiffe “coming into his own” as a cartoonist, but that would underestimate just what a giant success this is, not only for Mike but for everyone interested in comics as an art form. Inventive, formally daring, disturbing, and beautiful, all at once. I can’t wait for the next issue.

THE LOVE BUNGLERS (in LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES #4) by Jaime Hernandez. In the last issue, Jaime punched me in the gut and broke my heart. In this issue, he gives with a few more punches before piecing me back together. It’s hard to remember being so emotionally affected reading a comic. Just pure brilliance.

DAREDEVIL by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin. This is the way superhero comics should be done. Clear, direct, exciting and fun storytelling that still manages to be innovative. There’s been a lot of noise about DC’s New 52, but in 20 years, most of that will have been forgotten, while fans and students of the form will still be reading and enjoying this, picking it apart for the ample lessons about writing and art than can be found throughout.

Top 5 Everything Else for 2011 (not in order)

ONLY IN DREAMS by Dum Dum Girls. What do you get when you have Chrissie Hynde front the Ramones to play a bunch of Ronettes songs? This.

ALL DAY by Girl Talk. A lot of times, mash-ups feel very, uh, 2003. But this record is just a mash-up like Guernica is just a wall hanging.

CENTIFOLIA by Stuart Immonen. (Kind of a cheat, since this could technically be considered “comics”, but it’s really more an art book and collection of sketchbooks. So there.) I can’t think of anyone with broader and more developed skills in the world of cartooning, illustration, and design than Stuart Immonen. Any number of things on display in these books (vols. I and II) are exceptional in their own right, but taken as a whole the versatility is simply dazzling. Especially when you remember it’s from the guy who also drew the big Marvel event comic of 2011, FEAR ITSELF.

DC UNITED signs Dwayne DeRosario. The fact that my team managed to pick up one of the 2 or 3 best players in the history of MLS (the American pro soccer league) is cause for celebration. That he was basically stolen in a trade from the much-hated and perennially-underachieving New York Red Bulls is even better.

UNCLE VANYA at the Kennedy Center. I was lucky enough to see this performance, featuring the galactic cast of Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Richard Roxborough, and Jacki Weaver. Reading the play (which I found a bit dull) was no preparation at all for the tour de force entertainment in seeing it live. The best argument ever for the fact that plays are meant to be performed, not read.

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02:55pm / Aug 3, 2011
Hey Friends!

My first book of comics, UNDERWIRE, is now available for pre-order in the Diamond Previews Catalog, Diamond order code: AUG11-1205. The book contains twenty-two of the original webstrips, plus seventeen new pages of comix and art. Not to mention a kickass introduction by Dean Haspiel. And to think it all started right here, as a monthly webcomic on!

I'll be debuting UNDERWIRE at Small Press Expo (SPX) this September, and the official release date is mid-October. I'm planning to attend New York City-based conventions this fall, where I'll not only have copies of UNDERWIRE, but also prints of surprise stand-alone art from the book, plus a new minicomic, AND a line of jewelry called UNDERWIRE Wearables, made of images from the comix. (For more info:

As always, thank you for support!


Underwire Book
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04:12pm / Jul 18, 2011

Hey there--

I recently had the good fortune to draw lead character designs and mock EC Comics-inspired covers for SyFy's WAREHOUSE 13 motion comics series, "Of Monsters and Men," produced by 23D Films. Here is a link to an expansive blog-post I wrote about my experience along with 36 exclusive images of my designs:


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