Posted by: codeman
02:35am / Apr 15, 2010
hey- i really liked this. the colors are brilliant, and really push a mood that i think you're trying to accomplish. i think the text placement is on key, but i don't think the font is the best choice. this is such an intimate piece- i think a subtle overlay of the girl's actual handwriting would do better than the clunky boxes. right now, it feels a little too 1980's superhero comic. looking forward to more installments-
Posted by: Seth Kushner
10:57am / Apr 15, 2010
Thanks for the kind words. You bring up a point about the font which has been discussed already. The idea of handwritten text is a good one in theory, but the problem would surely be readability. How many of the subjects might have good penmanship? There is a reason that hand lettering is considered an art.

Cool idea though.