Posted by: Seth Kushner
07:45am / Jul 12, 2010
This installment actually ends what I'm referring to as "season-1." Thanks to all who have been following these photocomix. They've been a blast to work on, and I'll be doing more for a September relaunch.

I'm particularly proud of this last one and not just because of the huge undertaking involved in it technically. The work of Doug Rushkoff has been of particular interest to me lately, so I'm glad to be able to help spread his ideas.

Thanks to Jeff Newelt for his help with making this piece happen and for his help with the editing and for hyping it. Thanks to Dean Haspiel for all the time spent working on editing this with me, and for his comix advice. A special thank you to Doug Rushkoff himself for committing so much of his time to collaborate with me and for believing in this experimental approach to profile and storytelling.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!