Posted by: James Parker
11:27pm / Jul 13, 2010
Unfortunately, Doug sees only half the picture. While he castigates "big business", he fails to see that the core power of it is government. Eliminate government power, and the corporation -- a construct of government -- dies.

In addition, it reads as if he actually *believes* what he is saying, after correctly identifying the problems inherent in belief.

A final thought:

I doubt that I believe,

Thus I believe that I doubt.

Therefore, I must doubt that I doubt

-- I believe.
Posted by: Cecil Wade
10:33am / Oct 6, 2010
It doesn't take much reflection to see that - at least in the present, in the USA - government is just another wholly owned subsidiary of the trans-national corporate master class.

The unique power of government to coerce compliance and behavior by threat of force is now in thrall to the corporate agenda: MPAA, RIAA, Monsanto, Big Oil, Big Insurance, Big Pharma all routinely emploiy the force of governnment to compel compliance.

Behaviors that, in the past, would at worst have been cause for civil tort action, have been criminalized with the threat of massive fines and prison time.

In addition, corporations have become a kind of super-human, with all the rights of an ordinary citizen (see Citizens United v Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 50 (2010)), but none of the liabilities of an ordinary person (see MOHAMED v. JEPPESEN DATAPLAN, No.08-15693, D.C. No. 5:07-CV-02798-JW).

Finally, corporations are increasingly taking on the actual enforcement role traditionally enjoyed by governments. The power to prosecute war, to imprison citizens, to enforce statutes, to seize and detain citizens, have all been ceded to private corporations. I was appalled to hear a speaker (Tamara Holder - on the Fox Business Channel advocate the ceding of Department of Homeland Security function to private industry. Even more appalling, not one of her co-panelists seemed to think this was an unreasonable position. Even Huffpo ignored this, thinking it was a much bigger deal that Al D'Amato called some guy a racist.

The corporation may have been a construct of government, but like Jupiter, it has eaten its sire.