Posted by: Mabs (from the 2000ad forum)
01:08pm / Sep 11, 2013
Now that was one enjoyable comic! I absolutely loved it! Your artwork Simon is some of the best I've seen, as good as your work on Nikolai Dante. But the story was gripping from the firat page to the last. Thank god I came across this comic whilst checking out #304 of Judge Dredd Megazine (your interview was also very insightful for the Meg!).

I wish I could get my hands on a tpb copy as I would display it proudly atop my comic collection. It had everything I love in a comic; heart, drama, a bit of skin and comedy. But your sci-fi visuals were magnificent. Truly.

I'm going to post this link to a few sites I frequent if you don't mind Simon, and want everyone to experience this awesome web comic.

Posted by: Simon Fraser
01:38pm / Sep 11, 2013
Thanks Mabs. I'm very happy you enjoyed it. Up until recently the only way to get a tpb of this story was from me at conventions as I printed a batch myself. However I've been talking to a small publisher here in Brooklyn and we may have a proper hardcover edition soon. I'll keep everyone posted on Facebook and Twitter.
Posted by: Mabs (from the 2000ad forum)
04:48pm / Sep 11, 2013
That is exciting news Simon. Thanks! It has been an absolute pleasure reading this web comic, a big thanks also to Gary Caldwell for the superb colouring and Simon Bowland (whom I recognise from the Prog!) for the excellent lettering. All you guys are amazing.