Posted by: John Donohue
01:12pm / Sep 29, 2013
How are you getting various Rand un-friedly blogs to say your comic is unbiased? It is full of commentary, spin and slant, not to mention cherry-picking.
Posted by: Nancy McClernan
10:06pm / Sep 30, 2013
John Donohue worships Ayn Rand. The only way you'd make him happy is to present her as a goddess. His full-time job is apparently going around the Internet, defending Ayn Rand.
Posted by: John Donohue
10:50pm / Sep 30, 2013
Is that an argument?

P.S. Thanks for supplying those links. Some of my best writing.

P.P.S it's so easy to write these challenges I don't even consider it a pasttime or hobby, let alone a full time job.
Posted by: Headless Unicorn Guy
01:42pm / Oct 3, 2013
John Donohue = Objectivist crusading against all Blasphemers of his Personal LORD and Savior. I've seen this dynamic before -- in Fundamentalist Christians and Communists. The dynamics are the same; only the object of worship is different.
Posted by: John Donohue
01:52pm / Oct 3, 2013
See my comment on worship posted below on 11:17pm / Sep 30, 2013
Posted by: SteinumStein
02:50am / Oct 6, 2013
I don't think anyone was really trying to say that it was unbiased, but rather that it was a more sensitive treatment of a woman who was more complex than the caricature she's become (history, unfortunately, has a way of making complex characters rather two-dimensional. Time is unkind to all). It points out her flaws, but at the same time, it doesn't resoundingly condemn her for them. I found it to be a very human portrait of a very influential person.
Posted by: Applemask
12:31pm / Oct 8, 2013
Actually, this comic is very careful to consist largely of flat statements of historical fact with as little editorialising as possible and a deliberately simple style of artwork that illustrates but doesn't lead. It's obviously biased, because it's made by someone who doesn't like her, but it clearly tries to play fair. It lets Rand condemn herself for the most part. As you can clearly tell, since you haven't given example one of commentary, spin, slant cherry picking. Accusations are not proof.
Posted by: John Donohue
01:12pm / Oct 8, 2013
I gave one very specific case of omission, posted below on this page. The slants, spins and commentary are so obvious only a person in denial could miss them.

The "simple" illustrations are also propaganda. Another artist could easily make a comic with a simple style but flattering and beautiful to Ayn Rand. That artist could have also posted dozens of pages of positive, uplifting incidents which Cunningham chose to omit.

The worse sin is the psychologizing, which I have pointed out on several pages.

Posted by: zeruch
01:14am / Oct 30, 2013
It's also...accurate.
Posted by: EdH
12:12pm / Nov 10, 2013
Ayn Rand:
Intellectual honesty is the only tool required.

DO NOT touch this!
"The Public Be Suckered"