Posted by: Headless Unicorn Guy
01:47pm / Oct 3, 2013
This is the first time I read any details about Ayn Rand's childhood in Russia. I DID know she fled Lenin and flipped one-eighty into a funhouse mirror reflection of the Bolsheviki, with a Cosmic-level Philosophy of Utter Selfishness instead of Insect-Hive Collectivism.

Given what happened to her during her formative years -- psychologically abusive mother plus First Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War -- no wonder she grew into such a Control Freak. Always had to be in total control, so nobody could ever hurt her like that again.

I have long maintained that Ayn Rand was a funhouse mirror reflection of Josef Stalin. And that if she'd been given the same absolute power of life-or-death over a country like Stalin, her Objectivist regime would have been just as bloody and inhuman as Stalin's Communist regime. The only difference would have been the One True Pure Ideology.
Posted by: John Donohue
08:56pm / Oct 3, 2013
Psychologizing. Therefore, void.

Look it up. Grok it.
Posted by: Headless Unicorn Guy
11:34pm / Oct 5, 2013
Because there is only "A = A".
Objective Truth.
Posted by: John Donohue
09:07pm / Oct 6, 2013
No, void because you are psychologoizing. It is a fatal error of argument.
Posted by: Barry
07:23pm / Mar 3, 2014
Your Word of the Day calendar is stuck, dude. Maybe flip it.
Posted by: John Donohue
01:26pm / Oct 3, 2014
@Barry. The unimaginative ad hoc Ayn Rand dissers keep pressing the identical macro button. I admit I keep telling them they are psychologizing. Do you have any other suggestions?