Posted by: Headless Unicorn Guy
01:50pm / Oct 3, 2013
P.S. Ayn Rand has appeared as a supervillain in a couple places.

In the Eighties small-press B&W comic <I>Fission Chicken</I>, she became a chain-smoking undead cyborg, leading an invasion of Deros up from the Hollow Earth. (Objectivism + Shaver Mystery = Weird...) I don't remember how Fission Chicken defeated her, but it probably involved his trademark deadpan absurdity.

And if you ever wondered about what Ayn Rand would be like as a My Little Pony villain, wonder no more. <a href="">Just click this link and join one Bad Apple, Earth Pony ex-swindler, ex-Maresippi Riverboat gambler, and undercover agent for the Equestrian Crown as he infiltrates Vault's Vale in "Apple Shrugged".</a> "A = A! Objective Equine Truth!"
Posted by: Darryl Cunningham
02:00pm / Oct 3, 2013
I recall an episode of the Simpsons in which a a version of her appears.
Posted by: Headless Unicorn Guy
11:47pm / Oct 5, 2013
What gets me is how she's become the Fourth Person of the Trinity to a lot of politically-active Christianese types, and Atlas Shrugged the 67th book of the Bible.

Back when the economy tanked in 2007, I read of claims that "This was All Prophesied in Atlas Shrugged", literally citing chapter and verse.

And after the 2008 elections put Barack Obama into the Presidency, we had John Galt Celebrity Impersonators coming out of the woodwork for Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!

"Who is John Galt?" I don't know, but after November 2008 the guy's got more Celebrity Impersonators than Elvis.

Actually, I do. He's an Objectivist Jesus Christ (in the Apocalyptic role); at it's core, "Atlas Shrugged" is the same story as "Left Behind", just pitched to fanservice different audiences. Take too long to go into here, but Darryl? If you can get my email from these postings, contact me privately and I can tell you at greater length how "Atlas Shrugged" is "Left Behind" for Objectivists. (Or should that be "Left Behind" is "Atlas Shrugged" for Dispensationalist Christians?)

Anyway, here's the raw link I mentioned earlier, with Rand as a My Little Pony villain:

(Darryl: The Objectivist Randbots piled on this author, too.)