Posted by: larry windham
11:54am / Jun 29, 2009
Herr Jason- Ach zo ,den- I do remember writnk sumpsink about ziz wonderfull mis-appopriation of diese ersalt jermann/englsh piffle und it vas ver' funni for mier at ze time...Aber- Mine orginal comments uber yer (ser entertaing)possibly politically incorrect making fun mit der jerman frau's totally screwing up mit der amerkanishe lang-speil- but (and this is a BIG BUTT)- is now totally missing is action- UND- dis is a "

response"from Du??Totalsilence???? - Dis is a system?? - Oy Vey!(Keep up der gud vork fostering German/American relationships , mine kint - God nose ve now need all der friends we can keep (and gosh darn it- I just LOVE etnic humor no matter how off the wall it gets)..All the best with your current masterpiece (some day you'll have think about FINISHING the damned thing and start thinking about making some $$$$$ off of it...)
Posted by: Jason Little
11:04pm / Jun 29, 2009
Larry, thanks for writing again. I accidentally deleted your comment after accidentally replying to it twice, and then trying to delete one of the replies. Anyway, I said that that character was based on Nick Bertozzi's impression of Nico singing "Femme Fatale", and also a little bit on my father's Albert Einstein impression.